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Applying For a T Visa to Stay in the US

A T Visa is an individual type of visa that allows certain immediate family members and certain victims of human slavery to live and work legally in the US, usually for up to six months, and usually for only a year if they agree to assist them in the search and prosecution of their crime. They are granted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on an individual basis.

The basic requirements to apply for this visa are to be a U.S. citizen or have a green card. You must also have proof of your financial means, including proof of income and a bank account statement. Your proof may also include letters from you employer or previous employer or a letter from your university stating that you are employed as a full time student.

If you are a victim of slavery, you will not qualify for a T Visa if you are not able to visit your home country to testify in court. The reason for this is that it would be difficult to get a fair trial if you were not able to visit your home country and testify as needed.

Many countries, such as Canada and Mexico, do not require evidence of financial means when they issue T Visas. However, if you want to visit these countries, you will have to prove you can meet the terms of your visa. If you cannot, the immigration authorities will deny your application for at Visa. See the U visa benefits today!

If you are denied at Visa, you may be eligible for the Family Class visa category. This category of visa allows you to sponsor both spouses and unmarried children of the sponsor to come to the country.

After you get your Visa, you should apply for the necessary documentation, which includes an employment contract, a proof of residence proof, and a Certificate of Eligibility or Certification of Eligibility. You will need the same forms as apply for a T Visa and many will be different in other countries. Read more about VISA at

When you apply for a T Visa, you should send all your documents in a sealed envelope. You should include copies of any supporting U Visa Requirements documents that the immigration authorities ask for to verify your employment and financial status. You should also provide an electronic copy of the contract with a statement of purpose and any information that might be useful in the immigration case, such as job description and duties performed, and educational background.

If you are denied at Visa, then you should know that it does not mean that you cannot apply again. You should reapply if your circumstances change.

If you are working overseas, you will have to start from scratch if you apply for another T Visa, and you will need to supply new information. In the US, you will have to go through a process of eligibility verification and screening. If your circumstances change, you can reapply again.

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